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17 Dec

Chant is officially released

Our music experiment Chant, a text-to-music app, is now fully released with 14 instruments and a lot of bugs fixed since initial anouncement. Check this example out!

26 Oct

Our first official soundtrack!

The big day we've been really anticipating is finally here. A video game called Versus Game has been released on Steam featuring our music as original soundtrack! Read more.

8 Oct

Chant by Waterplea

For the past few weeks we've been working on a web-based music app called Chant. It turns English text into music and while it's still a work in progress you can check it out here.

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Waterplea is a predominantly electronic Russian music duo consisting of two persons, Alex Inkin and Paul Pigalov. The project’s music can hardly be described in a few words or be put in single genre boundaries. One can hear elements of such styles as ambient, post-rock, IDM, shoegaze, chillout, new age, experimental, lo-fi, some electronic interpretations of progressive rock influences and many others. To steer clear of stylistic twaddle, band members describe their music with their own tag “progressive ambient”.

Alex Inkin — programming, keys, guitars. Alex got interested in sound work in 2004 at the age of 15. With the help of his friend, a music school graduate, he began to learn software for sound editing and later for composing. Starting with hip-hop he soon felt a craving for more obscure electronic music. He was actively self-educating figuring out music theory and composition principles as well as gathering experience from practice and using sources from the web. From 2003 to 2006 he was a student of the Technical Lyceum where he met Paul who shared his interest in music. By the end of 2008 Alex got bored with odd sketches and miscellaneous composition and felt like creating something solid and complete. Thus he started what later became the first Waterplea finished work — Dream Catcher. That day, December 14th, is considered the official birthday of the band. That composition had a great success in local musicians’ community, where Alex was an active member at that time. The recognition encouraged the band to continue with composing and increased the desire to deliver their music to wider audience. That led to Waterplea appearing on several social networks, specialized music websites and internet radio stations such as Soma FM. Being one of its founders, Alex was a regular resident of Mixgalaxy Records, a Russian net-label aiming to develop diverse electronic music which had a mild success for several years of functioning. Waterplea’s music style was influenced through Alex by such artists as Brian Eno, Mike Oldfield and Peter Gabriel.

Paul Pigalov — guitars, bass. Paul has been into music since childhood, his interest not being bound to a single style even then. He has always admired performers and compositions going beyond generally used stylistic standards and forms. When he met Alex he was exploring an alternative music wave, a combination of hip-hop and rock cultures, a shared interest which united the band members. After experimenting with sound recording for a while, Paul and Alex considered creating their own group and started to build their home studio, buying necessary equipment. In 2005 Paul got interested in the rising heavy music movement and became firm in his decision to be a guitar player. At the moment he provides guitar and bass recordings for Waterplea. The band has found its essential music basis in ambient sound still striving, however, to try out new influences and their own inventions. The conceptual component of the music, its emotional coloring and image delivering quality are very important for the band. Lacking professional mixing skills, Alex and Paul still pay much attention to the sound quality of their compositions. The performers who inspire Waterplea’s music through Paul are Ulver, The Gathering and Mark Morgan.

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